Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cool Companies Give Beer to New Hires....Really?

Have you ever heard of a company called "HIPSTER"? The lastest in social media companies trying to change the engineer geek at a time! Here's what their website says they are trying to do:

"Hipster is building a fun way to uncover the vast amount of information about real-world locations that isn’t yet available online. Based in SOMA, San Francisco, and founded in 2010, Hipster is tackling a really large problem in a really large market in a really unique way."

So if you what to be relevant, different and attract the right people to engagage in your mission you need to think differently and "make it matter" from the new hires point of view.
This should be a very interesting company to watch develop as they build their unique company culture (a bit like Zappos - which was recently aquired by Amazon for $1.2 billion). It's no wonder the investors line up like a who's who...

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