Friday, March 25, 2011

Just Enough Familiarity...and Just Enough New!

It's great when retailers create innovation that taps into a consumer's conscience.  With the rich history of "Black Friday" around the holidays already occupying a highly emotionally-charged place in consumer's minds and the relevance of home improvement stores in the Spring...what a simple yet highly effective way to create positive brand connections and build an annual emotional memory in the consumer's mind each and every Spring.  The simplicity is what makes this genius!  ...and the relevance to the brand is what Makes It Matter!  With any luck at all they might even be able to shift the event to "Green Friday" and own the occasion outright as a retail category!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Digital Menu Boards...You know it makes sense - so what's taking so long?

As if there is not enough reasons to advance your menu boards from static to digital.  Let's see, there's impact, calorie counts, consistency, timeliness and of course the lower cost of changes.  However, the initial set-up costs (capital costs) are significant.  My guess is new concepts will lead the way and force the rest of the industry to follow.  Because we all know in our hearts the digital boards are better and more effective and better and effective Makes it Matter to our customers!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Aha! there is a difference between Marketing and Advertising.

No doubt many of you have worked with and for advertising firms - very creative and energetic people that are usually quite fun to be around.  They are great at changing it up and providing strong creative thought leadership.  Their newness to a brand or product allows them to think freely and unencumbered by past associations with the brand....and that is good...and sometimes bad.  As the head marketer of a brand or product your job is to marry the creative sparks and ideas with the brand personality to maintain the synergy between where the brand has been and the new places it can go.  Your customers (and potential customers) are counting on you!  Failure to deliver your role successfully could disrupt the customers connection with your brand and possibly result in an uproar or revolt.  It might be fun creative expression at the time however, could alienate your true brand owners...your CUSTOMERS!  Remember advertising is designed to create attention and marketing is designed to build relationships.  So when engaging advertising partners Make It Matter and ensure the creative expression helps to build your brand marketing relationships!