Saturday, June 16, 2012


REDBOX! What an amazing company and concept with thousands of passionate employees working behind the scenes every day to deliver Hollywood's best entertainment. Whether it is movies, games, Hi-Def Blu-ray titles and who knows what next, REDBOX has redefined how we consume entertainment. With locations everywhere and nightly movie rentals for only $1.20, it is hard to believe REDBOX has only about half the rental market!

REDBOX was started in the early 2000's by a guy named Gregg Kaplan who worked in a think tank lab at McDonalds in Chicago. These guys were constantly exploring ways to bring more value to their Customers. Being the outright leader in providing the best food value in QSR with products like the BIG MAC, $.99 Double Cheeseburgers, and Chicken McNuggets, McDonald's owns the VALUE MENU.

With a back drop of value and a growing desire to find more ways to bring families together the REDBOX entertainment giant was born! After a few short years the concept was spun out of the McDonalds corporation and found a great partner not long after with COINSTAR the company that makes converting our coins and change into dollar bills easy! It was a match made in heaven.
Today there are almost 40,000 kiosks in about 30,000 locations across North America. You can usually find a kiosk at your favorite neighborhood grocery, drug or convenience store. Believe it or not about 70% of US homes are within 5 minutes of at least one REDBOX, often more like 3 or four. Now that's simple and easy!
REDBOX makes it easy to reserve a movie or game you want through your computer or mobile phone. All you do is set-up a REDBOX account, search for movies and games you want and simply reserve your selections online. Then pick up your selections at your favorite kiosk.  Within minutes you’re being entertained at home for the lowest prices on earth. Nightly rentals are $1.20 for standard definition movies, $1.50 for Blu-ray movies and $2.00 for games.

So, when it comes to unbelievably great entertainment at ridiculously low prices there is only one place to go that MAKES IT MATTER and that place is REDBOX entertainment! 

Make it Matter Tonight!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Finally! Social Media Connects with Emotion...and gives the world a COKE!

After 40 years of hearing that resoundingly familiar song "I like to buy the world a COKE and keep it company...."  and all its renditions over the years, the powers of Coke, Google and the creative genius of 70 year old Harvey Gabor recreate the magic of "Hilltop" shot in Italy in 1971.   Harvey may be one of the six grand old men of advertising yet he still has the creative juices to collaborate and advance a great idea!

To date this is one of the most effective demonstrations and examples of effectively leveraging social media, today’s technology and emotional connection of great marketing. Beyond that, they "raise the bar" and extend the idea into the real world through digital technology creating access that touches every heart on the least every heart that is close to a Coke vending machine...Amazing!!

This is truly special and will make you say WOW!... It is not often we see marketing and advertising executives really leveraging the unique qualities of social media and today’s technology to make the world a better place.

To be honest, we are all a bit exhausted of the growing "noise" of social media always trying to sell us something. The Internet is a media that is all too easy to fall into the trap of being "transactional" becoming the direct-mail of today (albeit saving trees) when the real purpose we engage social media today is to build "relationships". 

This is an excellent example of how great brands can connect with fans using the advancement of today's technology and find a place in the hearts and minds of their fans - the goal of every great brand to Make It Matter! Enjoy the video and link below...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Make It Matter...

Here's to a great 2012!!