Saturday, February 26, 2011

Like it or not, it's changing the world!

We all have stories about Facebook - good, bad, and ugly.  The responsibility it places on young people when at the flip of a "enter" button they can change their life forever (and not yet has there been a way to "remove" stuff) by posting a comment or pic that was in a momentary lapse of reason.  At the same time there are stories of how people are finding friends and family they have lost and likely would have never seen or heard from again.  However, the most amazing thing is the world is talking and on many fronts simply telling it like it is and as someone I met long ago said "nothing quite like the truth sounds like the truth" - and that is changing the world - hopefully for the better....time will tell.  Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg did something no one had done on the Internet to date - he connected the power and speed of information with the power and speed of emotion and not surprisingly it spread like wild fire!  Facebook has found a way to Make It Matter!

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