Saturday, August 27, 2016

NFL is Back! - Great Brand Lessons!

Everyone needs to have an outlet and a passion for inspiring and recharging the soul!  For many, sports seems to fill the need and there is no bigger franchise than the NFL.  People gather from around the country and across the world every Sunday in the fall and the die-hards also include Monday and now Thursday to get their fix.

Through the advancement of sattelite dishes we can be almost anywhere and get the game - WOW!

With 32 teams and stories that go back generations, nothing seems to connect people like the history of the NFL.  Wherever we are gathered especially in the fall we can always find someone wearing a jersey, T-shirt, hat or some other decoration that celebrates their passion and commitment to "their team".  So much can be learned about how to build brand connections by studing how great organizations such as the NFL and the teams build emotion around the game, players, coaches and the memories created every year.  The sounds of the game, colors of the teams, changing logos, and all around strategy of the contest create engagement between fans, their teams and the overall league like nothing else.  It is clearly the definition of Tradition!

What's amazing is it is not always a positive outcome - sometimes teams lose (in fact in every game there is a loser).  Some teams lose for longer than we can imagine - but yet the die-hard committed fan hangs on and the win that arrives is just that much sweeter! That's commitment.

Build your brand memories in authentic meaningful ways just like the NFL and MAKE IT MATTER!

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