Saturday, December 10, 2011

Intergalactic Puts the "GO" in GOLF!
Imagine what golf would be like if it became more like a rock concert with an energetic audience, celebrities, artists and hot cars.  More like a "live" sporting event such as football, baseball or basketball where the crowd goes crazy when great things happen. 

A tour and competition where anyone can enter and based on performance can become number one overnight.  Maybe even a playoff format produced like a Super Bowl, World Series or NBA Championship.
Well a guy by the name of Luke Kohl has just that vision.  Luke has been around golf his whole life including being a caddy for some of the most famous golfers in the world.  Having always viewed the game as an "old guys" game he began to wonder.  What if this game could have the energy of other competitive sports?  Maybe be played in arenas across the country under the lights.  Luke created Intergalactic Golf designed to be golf that everyone can play...not just the senior guys!  He has been planning and programming the idea for quite some time and in 2012 you should begin to hear more about Intergalactic Golf.

When experience and passion come together around a unique idea you never know what might happen, however, one thing is for sure, this guy has his heart on Making It Matter! ...Stay Tuned!!
Golf as you have never seen it before...Rock On Luke!

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